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Get 10% off your first order with code ECOBABY10
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Autumn Collections -Covid 19 update-

As many of us are waiting with excitement for the release of Autumn and Winter 2020 European collections I feel it is important to stress current events and processes during a pandemic situation.

Organic supply chains has been impacted in several ways by lockdowns worldwide. From limited international transportation to strict sanitation measures it has been a challenge to meet what in other years have been "normal delivery dates" on time.

The good news is that, while ethical Brands are doing the best to keep looking forward to a colorful future, the beginnings of a new norm are starting to form. In Piccalilly words: "Our aim is to create more timeless collections that are purchased because they’re needed and loved and have a longer-term worth". Kite has also reduced order volumes slightly, at the time that strives to support their loved factories which right now are under pressure too... for what massively reducing production would be "catastrophic for them". Other brands like Toby Tiger and Maxomorra are also experiencing delays in AW20 deliveries meanwhile they are ensuring -as a priority- a safe and healthy environment for farmers and fabrics' workers.

Although many of us like to plan ahead I believe this pause will give all a chance to slow down and walk one step further away from fast fashion practices, and one step closer to more sustainable practices.