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Get 10% off your first order with code ECOBABY10
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About Us

January 01, 2018


Costa Rica. Babies. Children. Ecology. Sustainability. All these are things that I love. 

I was born and raised in a beautiful Central America country called Costa Rica. If you have been there you probably know that the nick name for Costa Ricans is "Ticos". If I can think of a color to describe my country is pure green. In fact, our motto is: "no artificial ingredients". We take pride in our protected natural reserves, sustainable eco-tourism, and renewable energy.

I moved to Arizona thirteen years ago where I got married and had two beautiful babies. I discovered then my second passion: children. I started my college degree in Early Childhood Education, and a career helping other parents finding the right tools in their parenting journey. While raising my two kids I wanted to engrave in their minds the love and care for our planet and natural resources. My husband and I have tried to reduce our foot print, and pass those practices to our children.

After reading some books about eco fashion, reduce of wasting, and fabric recycling in the clothing business I came up with the idea of creating an online store of organic baby and children's clothing. The brands that we carry are European lines that from the cotton farming, manufacturing, and supply chain ensure a process free of chemicals, healthy for the farmer, and kind for children. Most important all clothes are made for kids, not by kids.

As a family business we want to always maintain a 'boutique style' model, not stocking in huge quantities but bringing unique pieces that kids will love. Moving away from fast fashion, and offering high quality durable clothes that can be transferred over generations makes us feel proud and gives us a sense of responsibility in contributing to the care of our beautiful planet. 


Thank you for taking part with us in this journey!