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Pathways To Embrace More Sustainable Practices In Our Store

In our efforts to serve better our clientele we take time once in a while to reflect in our core values and how we are incorporating sustainability into our practices as a small store. This is why we have decided to take our green footprint a step further starting Autumn/Winter 2022.

Would you like to know about our changes? Please keep reading.


We LOVE our organic European colorful brands because they are so unique in patterns and designs. They're also high quality long lasting clothes that can be passed onto future generations. However, when we bring the products all the way from 'across the pond' the processes can become inefficient. That's why we believe that carrying only a few brands with more styles of each one can be an effective form of 'bringing more with less' meaning on bigger orders and less shipping freights. Therefore, we will not be carrying more products from Alba of Denmark, Kite Clothing, and Piccalilly. We decided on those brands because we believe they are already well represented in the USA by other great stores owned by very professional people. Colored Organics, Babysoy, and Finn+Emma are brands leaving our store too (although it has been some time now that we don't bring in their new collections), mainly because of representation and accessibility.


Even though it can be sad to let go some of our beloved brands we believe that innovation and discovery are essential in every industry, we think that our customer are always excited to try new garments and explore new prints. For that reason we are welcoming two new brands to our list: Rock it Kids, and Curious Stories. Please head to our Instagram posts to know more about both. These clothing companies are starting to explore the USA market, and we believe they will keep on growing their presence here. 


Regarding Walkiddy and Villervalla, if their policies allow us to do so, we would like for our customers to pre-order their collections. That way we will bring our regular customer's chosen pieces plus smaller orders for our shop for local events and new clients. With Toby Tiger we are happy their seasonal collections are smaller in production. That way we can chose what we believe customers will love without the process being overwhelming.

Additional notes:

We avoid to bombard our clients with email marketing, that's why if/when you receive an email once in a while from our store that would be an important announcement or updates on collections. 

Also, the comments section will be open in this particular blog post because we would really love to hear from you. Please comment down below which social media outlet you use or are most likely to check on a daily basis to receive news from us.

Thank you so much for being part of our community!!!

  • Viviane on

    I can’t wait for the two new brands. Sad cause I love Piccalilly but totally understand;)

  • Melissa on

    I love being able to preorder Walkiddy! I wish all brands allowed preorders!

  • Valerie on

    I understand the need to downsize your collections. Perhaps regulars pre-ordering will give you an idea of what will be popular in each collection and that can help you to order extras of those in to attract new customers. We love Walkiddy and the options to match from baby to big kid, so I’m glad you are still going to be stocking that!

  • Lacy on

    I love the preorder option for Walkiddy and Villervalla. It ensures that we get the patterns and sizes that we want/need. I understand that it’s challenging to do that though as you’re always looking to attract new future clients. Curious Stories looks promising. As you know, my kids are moving into larger sizes (6 to 12 yr), so I’m sorry to see Kite moving out, but I understand your decision on that. Ultimately, Walkiddy is our favorite brand, so I’m glad you’ll be keeping that one around. <3 Keep doing what you’re doing. Your shop is our first stop.

  • Kaaryn on

    I’m sad about Kite and Piccalilly leaving- many shops have dropped Kite this year, so it is harder for me to find. I love what I’ve seen from Curious Stories, though and I like Toby Tiger and Walkiddy :)

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