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Get 10% off your first order with code ECOBABY10
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A New Brand Has Arrived: Discover Walkiddy.

Produced in the Aegean Sea, and bringing to life the German colors and culture Walkiddy is definitely ‘an artistic brand’. Some of their prints are beautiful merged in soft palettes, while others are combined with more deep tones. The brand exalts the beauty of nature, both its flora and fauna in unique and pure designs, ready to be enjoyed by our gracious little ones.


Walkiddy was born in the middle of a family with big love and passion for the needlework. In their own words: “We are the children of a master seamstress who has spent her life among needles and threads to dress people in their most important days and at the same time an attentive and caring mother.

My brother soon took over from my mother, studying textile engineering and gaining experience playing important roles for international fashion brands. After receiving my mother's education, I spent my years working on developing and educating children, building preschools.

After a lot of experience, we have created the Walkiddy brand. Our goal is to offer this experience, which comes from two generations, to the consumer in the most correct and eco-friendly way, offering the best product, suitable for children all over the world. To do this we have combined the quality and convenience of producing clothes for the little ones, the highest quality organic material produced in the Aegean Sea with the most beautiful cotton, the colors and the German culture -that of Northern Europe- giving rise to the original Walkiddy collections”.

The soft texture of Walkiddy products comes from the special fibers woven from long, fresh organic cotton. With the use of digital printing, the prints and colors stay vibrant and bright for many adventures to come. All of their products are made in Turkey, and the pieces are even hand drawn with wonderful representations of nature that children will love. Since sustainability is becoming more and more important these days, emphasis on remaining sustainable (with products like jeans and dyes) is always pertinent to Walkiddy. All the clothing, handmade toys, cozy pajamas, and so much more are made to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in order to honor the environment and dedicated workers.


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